Industrial Pins from ACRIVIS.

Industrial Pins

The Pins which are developed and secondary distributed by ACRIVIS are fielded in various industrial areas. Beside the Perforating Technique the Pins are for instance applied in the Automotive Industry, Electrical Industry, Drawing Industry, Medical Technique and also in the Textile Industry.

Above all ACRIVIS provides its customers individual Pins with various shapes of tapers which are solely produced by reliable Manufacturers and made of premium steels. Examples for those Products are Perforating Pins, Pins for the building of cable harness cover shelves, bent round and flat pins, double-side sharpened Pins, Pins for drawing instruments and many other Special Pins according to customers requirement. By the side of these custom-built models the product range also includes the conventional Textile Pins according to DIN ISO 9904 such as Combing Pins, Gill Pins, Card Pins, Hackle Pins or Flat Pins with our without Head.