The company

ACRIVISFascination for the Development of high-end solutions, continuous Efficiency Enhancement through appropriate Pintechnologically and Precisionmechanically Products and the implementation of cost savings at the customer are the motivation and ambition of ACRIVIS.

Therefore the gratuitous promise of your Partner is:   

n Excellent Creation.

Information about ACRIVIS Engineering & Commerce

ACRIVIS figures out as an international operating innovative Bureau of Development and Trading Firm. The line of business is the Development and Secondary Distribution of highly specific Industrial Pins, Pinned Products, Arbors and Spindles, Precision Components, Industrial Textile Pins such as Spare Parts for Textile Machinery.

To fulfill your high requirements in quality ACRIVIS makes use of an international network of Quality Manufacturers and appoints in addition its wide knowledge of the subject areas Pin and Precision Part Production.

In this way the customers in the business fields of Perforating Technique, Medical Technique, Textile Industry, Electrical Industry, Automobile Industry and not least the Injection Moulding and Die Casting receive not only Standardized Products but rather first-class Problem Solutions.

An Excellent Creation


The needs of the Industry had always been technological progress accompanied by efficiency increase and reduction of costs. Today sometimes standardized Products could not achieve those targets anymore. Instead there have to be shrewd solutions to stand firm to the intense competitive pressure.

This bottom and the enthusiasm for the Pin Technology and Precision Mechanics formed an Trading and Service Enterprise which has specialized in the Development and Dealing in Industrial Pins, Pinned Products and Precision Components.


Goods and services

ACRIVIS provides in addition to an large scope of Products further far reaching and professional competent Advisory and Services for instance:

  • Wide choice of standardized Pinning Products and Precision Components.
  • Development and Secondary Distribution from Separate Parts right through to Complete Pinned Assemblies and Precision Tools.
  • Consultation in matters of Materials Engineered and Geometrical Configuration of the Pinning or Precision Parts you need and if necessary their Surface Finishing or Coating.
  • Construction in CAD-System.
  • Procurement of the wageworks for your Parts such as Cleaning, Coating, Heat Treatment, Barrel respectively Surface Finishing, Grinding or Galvanizing.